This affects the effects

These two brothers are quite troublesome, because you will generally be saying the opposite of what you meant to say if you make this mistake.
"John should be excused from playing rugby this week, because he has a cold and the weather is effecting his recovery..." If that's the case, then maybe he should be playing every day? If something effects something else, then it will be making it better, not worse. Another way of saying this is that the second thing becomes more effective as a result.
On the other hand, if something affects something else, it makes some change which may be better or worse. When I pay money into my bank account, this affects the balance. Drawing money out of the account also affects the balance One is good, the other is less good.
Don't say that something effects something else unless if is a good things.
Good quality advertising and good quality content which is updated regularly effects the traffic a website receives...I hope! Failing to do either of these things will affect the number of visitors you receive. "If you make it, they will come." Sadly, not true.
Next time, two more brothers of words, often confused, but not quite so drastic as these two. Enjoy your next month!
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