The Gravelea Squad

by Matthew Halliday

Hi, my name is John. I live on Seonia and I am part of a group of people who are battling to stop the universe from being taken over by the evil Krazoozrat and his warriors, the Bombese. The rest of the group's names apart from myelf are Daniel, Josie and Shaun. Today we are going to try and save the planet Xeonia from being destroyed by a destructive beam.
How are we going to do this? We are going to use our shape shifting ability. We can transform into anything, a phone, a pencil case or even an aeroplane. We hopped into our spaceships and left the planet Seonia far behind. We headed for Xeonia.
When we finally got to the planet we did a lot of research to find out where the planet was going to be hit by the beam. We put an absorber in the place where we had calculated it was going to hit. Two hours later the beam was fired. 3, 2, ... We had miscalculated. The planet was going to blow up. The rest of the group turned into eagles and flew away. I transformed into an absorber and absorbed the beam. The people thanked us and gave us a magical egg, Doubtless we will find out what it does some day.

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