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Hypocrites And Others
by Ian

Listen to me - they're not all bad,
In fact some are very nice.
I'm sorry if you think that
They are all as cold as ice.
A narrow-minded outlook
Is all you have on life.
They don't go about with
Bible in one hand and in
The other one a knife.
Hypocrisy will burn all else
(and that it may pollute).
All else tries to stand well clear
But sometimes finds it can't.
"Be sure" I say. Two kinds of people:
Those sincere and those who aren't.
Would you deny somebody a chance
Of being heard fairly?
Or just dismiss him
Unfair and squarely?
If you would, I don't want to know you
And I know that he won't, too.
So reconsider what you do.
He's not as bad as you'd think,
But what you think is even worse.

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