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United Kingdom


Limericks With Varying Numbers Of Lines


A very sad rhymer was Jenny.
Her limericks weren't worth a penny.
In form they were sound
But quite often she found
That whenever she tried to write any
She always wrote one line too many.


There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
When they said "but the thing
doesn't go with a swing"
He said "I know, but I always try to get as many syllables into the last line as I possibly can."


There once was a man from the sticks
Who liked to compose limericks.
But he failed at the sport
'Cos he wrote 'em too short.


There was a young man from Peru
Whose limericks packed in at line two.

I didn't write these, of course, but I have never seen them collected in one place before.