I am baptised

The Passion Story

St John's Parish Church, Trentham, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Good Friday, 2002

On Good Friday, we presented a dramatised version of the Passion story. Some photographs of some of the scenes follow.
The blind man (David Halliday) did want to be healed, but he is told to get out of way: the healer he had heard about has been arrested.
The Blind Man
Peter denies Christ The servant girl (Sarah Hill) asks Simon Peter (Andrew Rowney) whether he knew Jesus.
Simon Peter is most emphatic that he never knew him, but shortly after that, a cock crows.
Jesus (Myles Garmonsway) is brought before the high priest Caiaphas (Ian Halliday) and false evidence is presented by a temple official (Liz Dixon).
Caiaphas despairs there are no reliable witnesses available and sends Jesus to Pilate, who sends him to Herod...
Jesus before Caiaphas
Jesus carries his cross Jesus carries his cross towards Calvary, but on the way he falls.
On the way, he is guarded by the Roman centurion (Kelvin Strong) and other Roman soldiers.
While Jesus is on the cross, his mother Mary (Viv Halliday) cries out that she has now understood the words of Simeon in the temple when Jesus was presented there. Mary at the foot of the cross
Jesus dies on the cross "It is finished."
Jesus dies on the cross.
The friends of Jesus carry him to the tomb which has been given to him by Joseph of Arimathea. Jesus is carried to the tomb
Jesus lies in the tomb Jesus is lying in the tomb. Guards have been posted, so that the disciples cannot steal his body and claim that he has risen from the dead.

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