I am baptised

Power in the Darkness

by Ian W Halliday

In 1977, a left-wing British rock musician, Tom Robinson, whose causes included most of the minority groups which may or may not have been marginalised by the Government of the day recorded an album of material which included a very memorable chanted chorus to the title track. When transformed by a young evangelical mind, the following version resulted:

Jesus loves the reds and the blacks and the criminals,
Prostitutes, pansies and punks,
Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents,
Lesbians and left-wing scum.
Jesus loves the niggers and the Pakis and the unions.
Jesus loves the gypsies and the Jews.
Jesus loves the long-haired layabouts and students.
Jesus loves the likes of YOU!

These same statements are just as valuable today as they were then. The only difference is that, with the onset of so-called political correctness, even the most extreme would be unlikely to describe their opponents in exactly these words.

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