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Privacy policies seem to be more important than ever, and so I wish to state the policy of this site,

I do not currently knowingly use cookies on this site. I may in future introduce cookies on some pages of the site, but this will be solely to enable me to learn about cookies. I will not use cookies to track the behaviour of any of the visitors to the site.

I use the logs provided to me by my site hosting company,, to assist me in finding out, among other things, where my visitors are located, what browsers they are using, what pages referred them to my site and which pages on my site they visited. This information is only provided to me in consolidated form. Although I am provided with raw server logs, I do not currently use them to track the behaviour or identity of individual visitors to my site.

I do not exclude any visitors from my site or direct them to different pages as a result of their geographical location, operating system or browser. All users should see the same pages and content on this site.

The only exception to this is that some people choose to use with JavaScript switched off, while I do use some simple JavaScript for providing content, including syndication material from Aardvark, from Google and :iveJournal.

If you send comments to me about any content of this site, I will have received your email address as part of your message. I will not post your email address, but may publish all or part of your email, along with your country or state of residence. For example, "Ian from Wellington, New Zealand", "Eric from Sweden", "George from Florida".

If you have subscribed to any mailing lists promoted by this site, then you will have provided your email addresses to me and to the hosts of the mailing service. I will not use the addresses except to send low volume promotional messages about content on this site. The provider or providers of the mailing list will be expected to follow their own privacy policy. If my view is that their policy is unacceptable, I will discontinue use of the provider and attempt to find an alternative.

I have followed the guidelines in this policy informally since the site was created in May 2000, and published them on the web for the first time on July 14, 2001, in response to the increasing desire among the web community for privacy policies to be posted on sites. Last update: 9th November, 2003

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