I am baptised

An unstructured collection of documents Some of my sermons, not necessarily connected with baptism...
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The District's Grammarian
Articles on common grammatical errors, originally written for Toastmasters in New Zealand, but applicable to all who want to speak or write correct English.

Martin Luther's 95 Theses
Martin Luther's doubts, as reassured by the memory of his baptism, form the primary inspiration for this site.

Garrison Keillor's 95 Theses 95
In contrast to the piece above, one of Garrison Keillor's creations from Lake Wobegone writes to his family in the style of Martin Luther. However, he is lamenting his upbringing in a way that too many of us will find familiar.

C. S. Lewis
Is Lewis's description of Pragmatometry a description of the concepts which became the world wide web? You decide for yourself.

Small is beautiful
Striking examples of "small is beautiful" include architecture. In times past, the ancients lived in caves which suited only one family. This essay explores Noam Chomsky's view that "Samall is beautiful".

What should our doctors be concentrating on?
Is a doctor simply somebody who cures those suffering from disease, or is there more to it than this? An essay which explores the standards of the British medical profession.

Does the popular music of recent years tell us anything about the social history of Britain
What is popular music? Popular music of long lasting quality is generally slow to sell and would not feature in the charts as prominently as an ephemeral title. Claims made in 1979, which are probably just as true today. Only the names have changed.

Write the first 300 words of a Speech Day address at this school following the reading of the poem August 1914.
Before 1914 the world was a happy place. When war was declared, there was cheering in the streets. After the war, life apparently returned to normal, but could never be the same again.

Short stories by members of the family
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